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Winter Solstice

Many years ago I stumbled across the magic of the Winter Solstice.

I honoured it for many years on my own experiencing mystical and the unexpected joy it brought. I realized sharing this very special evening with a circle of lovely people is far more exciting.

The past 3 years I enjoy honouring and bringing to life this day that brings transformation and the begining of the holy season.

The Winter Solstice is on Dec 21st at a specific time each year.

Why? As Astrologers for centuries have shared with us that the the winter solstice occurs at the minimum point for the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun is lowest in the sky. At this time, the Earth's North Pole is pointing away from the Sun (which is why it is so much colder in the Northern Hemisphere). Bascially the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

It is a significant time of year in many cultures as it has been celebrated for eons. The solstice marks the symbolic death and rebirth of the sun.

As we celebrate the return of the light in the darkness.

The transition of seasons is an opportunity to reflect, letting go of the old and begin sowing the seeds of ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams. Working through our shadow selves and expanding our own inner light by awareness, acknowledge and acceptance. The is no need to wait for the New Year as the time is now! Giving ourselves permission in the next few weeks to slow down, honouring the day by creating a blessings jar, composing new intentions and affirmations. Being grateful for the little things in our lives.

As the gradual waning of daylight hours is reveresed and begins to grow again. Enjoying the quiet of winter ,feeling the energy shift and creating a new rhythm in your day.

Here is a Winter Solstice Ritual that we can participate in by Patti Wigington:

Face the candles, and say:

The wheel of the year has turned once more,and the nights have grown longer and colder.Tonight, the darkness begins to retreat,and light begins its return once again.As the wheel continues to spin,the sun returns to us once more.

Light the sun candle, and say:

Even in the darkest hours,even in the longest nights,the spark of life lingered on.Laying dormant, waiting, ready to returnwhen the time was right.The darkness will leave us now,as the sun begins its journey home.

Beginning with the candles closest to the sun candle, and working your way outward, light each of the other candles.

As you light each one, say:

As the wheel turns, light returns.The light of the sun has returned to us,bringing life and warmth with it.The shadows will vanish, and life will continue.We are blessed by the light of the sun.

if you like, you can do this ritual on the morning of Yule. Cook a big breakfast with lots of eggs, and watch the sun rise. If you do this, you can eliminate all the candles except the sun candle. Allow the sun candle to burn all day before you extinguish it.

Wishing you all a blessed Winter Solstice!

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