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Om Pose


What is Guided Meditation?

 This form of meditation is often where the listeners is introduced to a meditation technique as well as a providing information or instruction. Helping with stress reduction and relaxation.

If you are a beginner, exploring different Guided Meditations: Loving-kindness meditations, Gratitude meditations, Open awareness meditation, Emotional release meditations, Body scan meditations, Progressive muscle relaxation, Breath awareness meditation, Walking meditations, and  Visualization meditations.

Just a note that the daydreams, thoughts and emotions continue as usual, but instead of following them, we’re encouraging the mind to remain in the present by focusing on a meditation support such as the breathing process, physical sensations or a sound.

Incorporating different techniques into your practice may help keep your daily meditation routine more challenging and interesting. As your meditation skills increase, your meditation preferences may change as well.

Be open and just feel the relaxing stillness.

Burning Incense

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