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Winter Quarterly Newsletter

Updated: Jan 24

Happy New Year to everyone.

Sending out a brief note to reach out and say hello to such an amazing community. Thank you for following me and supporting my work in wellness that I am passionate about.

The new year energy is very different from last year as it brings change, growth and it's moving quickly.

There is so much going on here at Pure Life Healing. Where do we begin??


In early December the clinic has moved to a new quiet space.

The move has created more opportunity to encourage new ways of collaboration and more space to teach workshops as well.


I have been researching and experiencing other ways of wellness as one of my clients mentioned to me "what am I to do with myself in-between sessions" and if I had any recommendations. The encouragement brought to light a few healing products that I began with for stress, diabetes, Parkinson's, balance - JoyaToes, Voxx socks and patches, and Letique body scrubs. I realized quickly in my findings that there are more avenues and different healing technologies in various forms specifically through frequency and light.

We never stop learning and embracing different concepts is the key for our evolution.

 I enjoy sharing my findings and experiences.

Many of us are searching for the magic pill or that thing that is going to heal and make us feel better, trying different supplements and products for our health. One of my goals last year was searching for complimentary wellness technologies that will raise a person's frequency and support the healing process. It can be overwhelming with the enormous amount of information. I have always been a big believer in the basics connecting with nature, good food and good quality water, meditation, breathwork, coupled with Yoga and a gratitude practice. Sadly, unless you live off the grid and eating strictly organic biodynamic food, most likely you reside near cell towers, 5G, WiFi, and driving a car, experiencing stress with work are all of which are harmful to both our body and mind.

In my findings an essential realization is that different fields of energy exist, and the choices we make can determine our energy field. I love this quote by Einstein, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics. ”

 To create an optimal energy field, it’s essential to make good health choices that resonate with the purest parts of you!

As I pursue alternative health choices through experimentation I have become a big believer in frequency healing. This will definitely complement my holistic practice.

High Frequency Vibrational Medicine is the new frontier as traditional holistic healing is no longer the only alternative. We are our own healers and explorers as many of us are curious what else can we do for our health. We are resilient and can aid the body heal itself. That said there are so many wellness technologies that have been around for years.

 In my own health journey experiencing high cholesterol, inflammation, and osteoporosis, I decided to apply all that I have learned with different wellness technologies for my own health and have adopted in my daily regimen, such as the Healy (a holistic care device with frequencies), ASEA ( a liquid and get Redox signaling molecules) and the newest one is LifeWave (light therapy in a patch repairing of the body). All complimentary technologies to aid the mind, body and soul.



Stay tuned as I will be sharing more through workshops, lives, and blogging as the frontier of frequency healing morphs.

What we are up to!

It is the beginning of the year and the most common strategy that most people share is improving their health. All the goals are around weight loss, good food habits, self-care and life style changes.

Ultimately change is a foot, we are capable of making changes and listening to our true selves for what we really want tin our day to day lives. Remember your personal healing is essential to unlock your memory and truly realize who you are and what your true task here on earth is.

I am here to be part of your journey through my practice to bring wisdom through therapeutic touch, sharing of ideas or intuitive counsel.


I have been planning for the quarter and the next 6 months.

There is so many ideas and workshops facilitate and share with all of you.



Here are few upcoming events :


Vision Board Workshop:

What is your strategy this year? Just adding pretty pictures to a board is not enough. You are not the same person you were in January 2023. The 2023 vision board is old energy. A vision board helps strengthen your daily positive affirmations. Helping you to identify your vision of your life and give it clarity. Keeping you always motivated and focused.

Let's get crafty and have lots of fun as we work together

Details: Date: 2 sessions Tuesday Jan 23 2024 and Monday Jan 29th 2024

Time: 7:30 pm

Location : Zoom (or in person optional in North York)

Investment $22.22

Save your spot via email


Group Guided Meditation -

1.Compassion of the Heart as we enter February.

4 week series- a gently guided visualization filled with lovely imagery to find your stillness as you will be taken on a journey to your sacred space with breath work. Beginners are welcome.

Details: Tuesdays Feb 6th to the 27th

Time: 8pm

Location: Zoom (or in Person is optional in North York)

Investment : $44.44

Save your spot via email


Frequency Technology workshop with Christina Schiffito from PureVibesbyChristina

Exploring different wellness solutions through technology.

Feb date to TBD


Holistic Nutrition for your GUT- understanding how we can support our GUT with Diana MacLean @healthyGutNutrition

Date TBD


Group Guided Meditation  Theme Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary

4 week series - a gently guided visualization as we explore our inner being.

Beginners are welcome. Meditation practitioners are welcome.

Details: Tuesday Mar 5th to the 26th

Time: 8pm

Location: Zoom (or in Person Is optional in North York)

Cost: $44.44

Save your spot via email


Celebrating the Spring Equinox - Save the Date

Welcoming the transition to spring

 It's a celebration of the new Zodiac Year!

An opportunity to set new intentions.

Join our Fire Circle! (Weather permitting) As we participate in a group guided meditation. Reiki healing, Cacao ceremony with Lucy @Healthyself, Qigong movements with Marisa.

Creating and sharing in a gratitude circle


Date: Tues Mar 19th @ 7:30 pm

Location: in person - North York


Snacks and beverages

 Save your spot send me an email


Angelic Reiki Workshop Level 1 and 2  - Where participants  will learn more about the wisdom and understanding of the energy of  Angelic Reiki. We will have hands on practice how to self heal with Angelic Reiki. Become an Angelic Reiki Master

Details: Sat and Sun Jan 27th & 28th( two full days.)

               Again Sat and Sun Mar 2nd & 3rd (two full days)

Again Sat and Sun May 1st and 2nd ( two full days

Time: 10 am to 6pm both days

Location: 638 Sheppard Ave west (food and snacks incl)

Cost: $444.00

Deposit $111.00 required

Manual, Master Crystal and Certificate provided

 No prior experience necessary. Become a Angelic Reiki Master. Please send an e-mail to for further info.


Angelic Reiki Workshop Level 3 and 4 - Participants will continue to explore more about the wisdom and understanding of Angelic Reiki. Becoming an Angelic Reiki Master.

Details: Sat and Sun Feb 24th and 25th (two full days)

              Again Sat and Sun April 6th and 7th (two full days)

 Time: 10 am to 6pm

Location: 638 Sheppard Ave West ( food and snacks Incl)

Cost: $444.00 ( early bird $400.00 book before Jan 21st)

Manual and certificate provided

(Attended 1&2 sessions mandatory)


Angelic Reiki Workshop Professional Practitioner Level

Participants further their knowledge of Angelic Reiki becoming a practitioner.

Hands on sessions and business session. Becoming an Angelic Reiki Master and Teacher

Details: Sat and Sun Mar 16th & 17th & 18th ( two days in person)

              Again Sat and Sun May 25th & 26 & 27th (two days in person)

Location: 638 Sheppard Ave West (food and snacks Incl)

Cost: $444.00 (early bird $400.00 book before Feb 29th and April 30th)

Manual and certificate provided

(Attended 3&4 sessions mandatory)


Angelic Reiki Workshop Master and Teacher

June dates will be published.

Cost: $390.00

Manual and certification provided

(Attended PP Level)



Be sure to visit my blog where you will find the full details of all the events and new articles.


The clinic is open! Come visit the new space!

 Self-care is ultimately extremely important for your wellbeing. Don't wait until you have hit the breaking point with stress.

The clinic offers:


 Angelic Reiki

 Reflexology of the feet and hands

 Indie Head Massage

 Raindrop Technique ( 9 essential oils of bodywork)

 Vita Flex Technique- includes 5 essential oils on your feet, working on head massage and ears.

 One on One - Meditation and coaching


I look forward to seeing you! BOOK NOW the calendar is open!


Please be on the look out on social media as I am always posting on my Facebook and Instagram page.


Would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in any of the events let me know.


Take good care my lovelies!


Sending angel blessings!


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