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What motivates you?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

19 Months ago I let go of working in a corporate environment after 25 years.

Years of being attached to my cellphone, on the road and constantly hustling clients, partners , having the next cup of coffee to expand my centre of influence.

The driving force was not just the income but to succeed. To be top of my game

and don't let anyone see if you are sweating. The high energy in every aspect of my life brought me to burnout. When I finally realized that my family, my passion in holistic wellness and ME was motivation enough than the success and the income. I realized that we can manage just fine.

If you really pay attention, asking yourself , what is the underlying motivation for you! Don't sweep it away and ignore it, because it will surface eventually when you least expect it.

This particular quote by Erin Hanson " What if I fall ? Oh, My darling, What if you fly? Simply caught my attention and says so much.

It is compassionate, yet assertive statement that guides us towards pursuing our goals and dreams. Feeling a gentle push to help us explore the possibilities and hidden opportunities within all our life’s experiences. Ultimately, allowing us to tweak and recognize our talents . There is always true potential for success with every opportunity that can be enough to ease our ego and negative thoughts transitioning from asking ourselves again and again.

Ask yourself what truly matters and what really motivates you?

I haven't looked back and each day is an adventure!

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