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Wellness Technology for you and your family - The "Healy"

Updated: Feb 23

Have you every thought that maybe just maybe a little help might make all the difference and feeling your optimum self!

I was introduced the Healy last January and I bought it without a hesitation. I had to have it.

I have been keeping this particular device under wraps trying to pick up and process but I am discovering there is so much to learn!

I have a master plan to have it on my website. We will have it on a resource page coming soon.

I realized that I need to share whatever wellness solutions I have learned about. There is no better time than the present.

The Healy technology is truly benevolent in everyway as it is as small and light as a lighter and includes a few simple apps on your phone.

Healy is the newest technology that can help you heal on a cellular level by increasing the frequency and cellular voltage of your cells.

Each cell vibrates at a particular frequency, which is important in mitochondria function, protein synthesis, amino acid transport, ATP production, and elimination of toxins and inflammation.

Healy also works on all levels and can help you find what the underlying cause is so that you can heal on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. This brings you back into a more coherent and balanced state so that you can engage with life and relationships from an empowered state.

As you align your frequency on a cellular level, you start to see how you can fully engage with the law of attraction to manifest your most deepest and profound heart-felt desires.

Healy is life changing and transformative.

If you are interested in getting this Healy device, there are two sales going on until the end of this week (ie June 30th, 2023):

(1) MagHealy with a free Healy Resonance Plus device (ie $4K – discounted from $7k);

(2) Healy Professional Pro - 60% off (ie $2K – discounted from $4k). I have this one!!!!!

Option 1 is great because there are two powerful devices that magnify each other.

(1) MagHealy has 86 programs that can be used to balance situations like stress or shock, emotional challenges, sleep, post-workout recovery, home, plants, water, joints, brain, soft tissue, etc. and even your environment (clearing your home from negative energies), etc. Here is a video regarding the MagHealy:

(2) Healy Resonance Plus has the microcurrents that can help with your physical body organs, meridians, joints, tissues, ears, circulation, digestion, pain, tension, etc. as well as frequencies of Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, etc.:

Option 2 is the Healy Professional that includes 300 programs and 10 million frequencies (i.e., everything in the Healy Resonance Plus and additional programs like Nutritional frequencies and Vitalisation frequencies which is connected to your stem cells).I have this one!!!!

Click on this link to purchase (sponsor is Carla Affe):

Let me know if you have any questions.

Please feel free to call me at 416-294-5786 or email me at


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