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A little Taste of Astrology - Walking The Eclipse Gateway Oct 2022

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Here is a little astrology for my awesome community.

I know its always well received.

We have had incredible cosmic events this past month.

Just a few days ago we experienced the New Moon and a Solar Eclipse.

Bringing a gentle and refreshing energy with a caveat as we have stars and planets influencing and guiding us.

Remember that the moon is just one player in our galaxy.

We have begun Eclipse season as we are walking the bridge between two states of consciousness. The next Eclipse will be on Nov 8th during the Blood moon.

The Eclipses bring a transformation and activate fast tracking portals that are opening a new chapter of our soul journey. Can bring life changing events to aid us to move to a higher purpose.

You might be feeling resentful, tired a little grumpy as you can be resisting this change that is happening.

We are also influenced by Venus where struggles with relationships with money, loved ones, colleagues, your work and the list continues.

Tune into heart openings of self love.

The energy is gentle from the new moon bringing a calm and balance despite the Eclipse.

End of this week , on Oct 30 th we have the planet Mars going into retrograde.

It is a masculine energy, tap into the strength and courage you are feeling in your body.

As it is very rare for this occurrence. Note- it rules our motivation, action and fears.

All this energy comes back to us shifting us internally to regroup and reset.

Reviewing how we feel and how we want to use our energy.

Looking at our motivations, What is driving us? Is it still what we want or are we being led by the ego or our hearts.

Just take notice that you might be feeling sluggish and slow.

Try to take this time to reflect and be patient with yourself and others.

Give yourself permission to rest.

Some people might have an energy boost but mixed in with tiredness.

Go with the flow!

Its also a power time addressing ,conquering our fears and to push through the blocks.

Be gentle with yourselves my lovelies!

(article modified from Forever Conscious)

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