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Transformation with the Autumn leaves - Guided Meditation Series

I am so excited to launch once again a Guided Meditation Series.

4 weeks of an opportunity to relax and giving yourself permission to be in stillness.

Meditation is not that difficult but it can feel very intimidating.

The first questions that come up "How do I begin"!

One breath at a time! That's all it takes.

A guided meditation is a journey guided to assist you to connect with your higher self intentionally by witnessing your state of mind. When you meditate you mentally leave the physical world entering into stillness, vulnerability and connect with yourself and your purpose.

The theme of the next series is about the “Transformation with the Autumn leaves” and how it effects us.

The energy of fall is all about change and balance, an invitation to take a moment and slow down.

A time to reflect, re-evaluate, and nurture ourselves.

We begin to take from fall, one of our greatest lessons – letting go. The trees leaves transition into beautiful colors and eventually, one by one begin to fall. Perceive the flow of nature’s seasons as a map of personal transformation. We will touch on the walk from Autumn to opening of Winter.

Join us!


4 week series- Meeting each week.

Tuesday Nov 15th , and every Thursday until Thursday Dec 8th 2022

Time: 8pm

Location: Zoom

Cost: $44.44

We will touch on the Astrology of the week.

Recordings included

I hope you all can join

I look forward to seeing you all

Please send me an email if you would like to book your spot for this series.

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