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New Event - Power of Self-Compassion Workshop

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Join us !

Power of Self-Compassion Workshop!

We are hosting a new program

A transformative effect of understanding mindful self-compassion.

Assisting you to create more space for your wellness, rising above your perceptions, limitations and open doors to new possibilities.

Uncovering the myths and sharing the findings of Self- Compassion from Dr. Neff

We will be talking about the 5 myths of Self Compassion

  1. Self-compassion is a form of self pity

  2. Self-Compassion means weekness

  3. Self- Compassion will make me complacent

  4. Self- Compassion is Narcissistic

  5. Self- Compassion is Selfish

What are our stories that we are attached to?

How can we bring more tender and fierce self-compassion to our lives?

What does that energy feel like? What does being kinder to ourselves look like?

Recognizing and acknowledging where you are at.

Let's walk through together .

Creating a new daily ritual by adding an affirmation and

a new out look for yourself.

To bring in more love, more joy and raise your vibration, to be in your power.

And closing with a brief practice meditation ( if we have time)

We might go longer than the time slotted!

So much to cover!


Thursday Feb 24th 2022

Time - 8pm

Location - zoom

Cost - $44.44 or donation

Please email to book your spot

Limited spots available

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