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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: May 7

Happy Mother's Day!

Tis the season where we are considering different gift ideas for that special

someone as Mother's day is fast approaching. Whom ever it might be, your Mom, wife, sister, cousin, daughter, Grand Mother, neighbour, co-worker, your BFF or for YOU!

Here at Pure Life Healing we are here to support you during this time of need!

Have you considered a selfcare gift certificate?

Providing an opportunity to recharge and relaxation.

Look no further, we have a lovely gift card at Pure Life Healing.

Raindrop Bodywork

Foot Reflexology Session

Hand Reflexology Session

Indie Head Massage

Reiki Session

Mini Spa Day ( includes Foot soak , Raindrop Bodywork and Foot Reflexology)

Order a gift certificate today. We can provide a digital copy or a card prior to Saturday May 11th. 2024

Please feel free to send me an e-mail


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