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Manifesting 2023 with a Vision Board Workshop

Join our next Workshop! Manifesting and creating your Vision for 2023.

The end of the calendar year always catches me by surprise. That never seems to change. But what has changed for me this new year, is my sense of completion and achievement. I am incredibly grateful for the dreams that have come to life this year.

Usually by this time last year I was ready with my goals, intentions and affirmations. Instead I am feeling stuck, very reflective and in a sitting pattern .

Whatever you are feeling it's ok! The energy for 2023 is definitely different ! Taking the opportunity to reflect and pause on the past 2022. What worked and what didn't work.

It's the beginning of the calendar year and most of us are attempting to create our lists of goals and resolutions. How are you feeling?

Let's ride the emotional release energy from the holiday season and create from your inner being This year 2023 = the lucky number 7 . It is highly spiritual and indicates a year of thinking, seeking, and asking higher questions. We may even discover a new side of ourselves and how we can remain more authentic with our interactions in the world. I am encouraging everyone that it's time to think BIG! Really BIG! What would your self image look like? What are you inviting into your life?

New relationships, a shift in career or different habits and patterns.

Being magical with the year ahead through intention . Remember their are no rules and no judgement!

Together let's create the ultimate "Vision Board" to manifest what you really want. Creating new intentions and power words ! Harnessing the energy with the collective, as many are focusing forward. Feeling that magic as a creator.

Of course we are going to have a lot of fun getting crafty. Start collecting many pictures from magazines and newspapers.

Details: Date: Thursday Jan 26th 2023 Time: 8pm Location: Zoom (adding on in person too in North York) Cost: $22.22 ( angel No.)

I am so excited about this years session!!!

Send me an email to book your spot!

An email will be sent with details that you will need.

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