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Living a Grand Inner Life

What corner of your soul are you living a grand inner life?

Are you ruled by a schedule?

We live in a society that demands our attention.

Navigating the outside world and managing the anger, disappointment and joys all wrapped up.

What defines you? Your work or maybe your family?

How do you define your reality?

I am asking these questions to your consciousness.

We need to be reminded that we must honour our inner world. As  we are goddesses and gods of our lives.  Nourishing through the vibration of all that is, such as good food, good quality water,  listening to music that lifts your soul , a rhythm will creative frequency that is so joyful and can be moving.

Practicing breath work, meditation, stillness, connecting with nature can bring another frequency to bring you back to centre.

Above all connecting with community, as we are one voice of consciousness.

Receiving love from a simple smile to a hug .

Giving yourself permission to surrender who you are becoming.

Ultimately there is no right way of being . Follow the flow of energy that presents itself.

Being mindful  of watching the sun setting, the drops of rain on a leaf or petals of a flower  .

These are all glimmers to bring a smile and opening your senses  to a grand inner life.

Your grand inner life !

Honour every moment

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