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Languishing to Flourishing

I came across an excellent article by Rachel Montanez . She wrote about there are moments in our careers we find ourselves languishing, where we lack meaning in our work life. Adam Grant (wrote in the New York Tines column) Languishing is the state between flourishing and burnout. The emotions are draining, exhausted and feeling stagnat . Almost experiencing as a victim in a bad relationship with our jobs.

Rachel mentioned in her article taking the time to reflect on your path . Questions skews me. Hi puppy hi what are you inside and have some dinner because I have some dinner. we can ask ourselves: What are my successes and mission? Am I on track? Why am I on this path?

Personally I do remember a time where I just had enough of working in a corporate, stressful environment. I finally had the courage to share with my Manager and VP at the time that I was unhappy and I needed a change.

We can take the opportunity to reframe our everyday . Taking charge and being aware of what you are not enjoying . Creating a positive intention and embracing a holistic strategy. Asking yourself “ What can I change ? “

Do I need a new role? Do I need to create boundaries with my superiors?

Mapping out what you enjoy and what you don't.

As the author of the article states “no one can dictate your career happiness”.

Creating an opportunity to bring balance and centeredness to slowly understand what really matters to you!

As Michael Singer states in his book "The Untethered Soul"

"There is an invisible thread that passes through everything. All things move quietly through that centre of balance. That is the Tao. IT is really there. it is there in your relationships, in your diet, and in your business activities."

That is the first step !

Remember you are the creator of your life !

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