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Guided Meditation Series -" The Compassion of the Heart"

Hosting a Guided Meditation Workshop

Helping you become more grounded, assisting you to connect with a deep sense of awareness. By quieting the chatter in your mind and listening to your body, you can gain a greater sense of intuition, inner peace, relaxation, and focus.

Right now you are thinking I can't sit there and try to sit still and try to breathe.

This is so not for me.

I promise I have worked with so many people that have never attempted a Guided Meditation. The experience will change the way you perceive meditation. it's a very relaxing environment without any judgement. Just be you!

The workshop includes: -A four week series -Focusing on the heart connection -Teaching and intro of the evening's focus for the meditation -Guided imagery through breathwork to introduce a sense of stillness. -Group discussion and reflection -Sharing of Intuitive astrological happenings

Details Date: Thur Mar 3rd Time :8pm (Meeting each week for 4 sessions) Location: Zoom Cost: $44.44 Beginners are very welcome.

Please email to book your spot

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