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Creating a Meditation Space

Day 4 of The Global Wellness Week!

Part of your wellness is creating a meditation practice and creating a space for your meditation can be crucial part to be motivated to meditate.

Why create a meditation space ?

I thought it would be important to write about meditation and how many people find it daunting just to begin. Finding excuses not to meditate.

I totally understand as I began my journey many years ago trying to meditate. There was so much happening back then with my kids who were young teens, we had a puppy, my husband also working from home occasionally , and I had a stressful corporate job too boot.

Desperately trying to find a way to meditate. Dealing with stress and having alot on my plate. It didn't come easy!

I felt like a grouchy wanderer for quiet sometime as I couldn't find a corner

just to be by myself anywhere in the house.

I always worked from home so I realized with my husband's encouragement to create a sacred corner in my home office. I actually had a couch and a blanket my mom had knitted for me. New pillows and a few crystals. Carved out a new morning ritual and I slowly over a long period of time I was finally able to connect to me and my meditation practice.

My kids nick named my space the Spa-ffice.

The space became a tranquil oasis.

What I realized really quickly whenever my kids, my husband or anyone visiting they were drawn to the energy and the wonderful feeling to the space. Bringing a feeling of calm and tranquility.

The joke was on them because they all enjoyed my little slice of heaven.

Here are a few things to consider when creating a Meditation space.

1. Figure Out Your Why

Before you start, remember that putting together the elements of your meditation space can easily become a part of your meditation. You’re not just placing a pillow or a chair to look pretty – focus your thoughts on why ? Creating an intention.

 2. Find Your Location

Choose a spot where you’d like to be but try not to box yourself in. The more room you have, the more space there is for you to grow.

If there’s a cozy nook you like to spend your time in a place in your home where the sun shines or sets, start there. Also choosing a table or shelf, or using what’s already there like a window sill can be great if adding an altar.

3. Tidy Up

Make sure the space is clean. In order to achieve your goals and remove blocks of energy. You may want to smudge too!

4. Pick a Theme

Decide on the theme of your meditation space especially if you don’t know where to start. This could mean adding colourful pillows, or blanket, a large chair or on a side table adding a vase with flowers or a plant, crystals, diffusing essential oils, a buddah figure , to create a tranquil space and a small altar based on a goal you’d like to achieve, ie; wanting to alleviate an anxious mind.

 5. Choose Your Objects

Bring several items that represent peace and tranquility. Shape your surroundings so that they’re conducive to quieting your thoughts and relaxing your body.

Such as incense sticks, candles or whatever helps you to set the mood and bring purifying and clarifying energy into your space.

 6. Stimulate Your Senses

Cue up the vibes via sound and scent. If you’re planning to unwind and meditate, maybe the hum of a singing bowl or relaxing music.

Diffusing sandalwood or lavender essential oil for stress and anxiety-relieving benefits too.

7. Get Comfy

Being comfortable with a blanket and a pillow or chair. Have things around you that’ll bring you peace. It’s all part of the experience.

Creating your own meditation space and altar embodies your intention of connecting to and honoring yourself and your spiritual journey. It’s a simple yet powerful way to create a sacred space to help you tap into a deeper level.

8. Choosing different apps to begin meditation for example "Calm" or "Headspace" .

One thing to always keep in mind there are no rules, no judgement and no agenda. Just peace and tranquility!

Love to hear when you create your space or if you already have one.

Article modified from the @Tinybuddah

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