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Connection Between your Hips and your Emotions!

There is a powerful connection between your hips and your emotions.

Have you ever gone to a Yoga class and realizing that your hips are really tight.

Yoga teachers refer the hips as the emotional junk drawer.

Your body has chakras located down the middle of your body.

The Heart Chakra is right in the middle of your chest and sometimes

the emotions, anxiety and stress are so overbearing that the emotions can affect your breath but also spill over into the hips. Creating pain and tension!

Also prolonged sitting can contribute to issues with the posture linked to depression, fatigue, stress and headaches.

The hip region is associated with the Sacral Chakra,

Where our creativity, sexuality and how we relate to our emotions and others.

There are many benefits to stretch and paying attention to our body.

Yoga stretching, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, neuro-structural Chiropractic, Massage and Ostio are all great ways to releasing the stress.

Martha Eddy, states with Reflexology massaging the arch of the foot as well as the meridians of the foot can release some tension in the hip and pelvis area.

Creating relief and an opportunity to heal the area.

I have worked with many clients and the beauty of Reflexology can provide a gentle way of resetting the body as a whole not just the hips.

Listening to your body with a mind-body connection you can learn and notice to make peace with bodily sensations .

The hips are indeed an important storage vessel that should not be ignored!

article modified from Julianne Ishier

Let's book an appointment for a Reflexology session to relieve the tension and bring the body back to balance!

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