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Angelic Reiki Workshop Level 1 & 2- Aug 6th and 7th


Do you consider yourself as an intuitive? Do you see symbols and angel numbers? Do you have an inner sense of understanding something immediately? I promise you are not crazy! Do you seek answers and looking to understand your inner truth. I have the honour to teach Angelic Reiki ! Just so excited to share with you!

Angelic Reiki healing is the most glorious feeling you will ever experience. It's nothing like other Reiki's and has nothing to do with religion. It's about YOU! Your Spirit. THIS IS YOUR TIME! If you are still reading this you have been divinely guided as part of your journey. The Reiki will open doors and create expansion that you long for. I know those who have taken this workshop changed careers, found their passions and began to understand their WHYS. Give yourself permission to pursue this workshop, if this resonates with you! You will step into a deep sense of oneness. In this workshop we will be learning

Angelic Reiki Level 1 and 2 through out the weekend. Including: Meditations Four healing exchanges: " Hands on" - learning how to give and receive Angelic Reiki® 3 attunements. Discussions on cleanse and dedicate the space Distance healing, self-healing, attuning our tools. It is uniquely based on ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic principles. We will be diving into a unique and profound system of healing and personal empowerment. You will receive a manual which contains all the healing methods and a beautiful Master Crystal to place on your alter JOIN US! I am so excited and passionate and I can't wait to share with you! 2 spots left! Date: Sat to Sunday Aug 6th and 7th 10:00 am to 6pm Location: North York Cost: $390.00 plus HST light lunch and snacks are included Deposit of $111.00 required to secure your place, remainder to be paid in full before workshop begins. Please email me at for further information and to complete your registration.

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