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Postpartum Care for Mamas

The adventure of motherhood brings so many emotions as I am a proud Mama of two babies.

I attended a workshop where the topic was about postpartum and how there is so much support about pregnancy and there is not enough about Postpartum.

Many Mama's are really left to fend for themselves unless they have their Moms or family for support. In our Western society there is so much pressure for Moms to get up and go! Awareness and educating ourselves about the postpartum period and what it looks like as it effects all Mamas differently. I was so surprised when I heard Linda Barel (Doula and RCRT) mentioned that postpartum can last up until the first year after birth. During this period most experience joy and at the same time sadness, frustration, loneliness, outbursts and even weeping without any warning.

Taking care of Mama in postpartum is even more important as she builds her strength physically, emotionally and spiritually. A Mama's wellbeing is vital for the healthy development of the baby. As Linda Barel (Doula and RCRT) also stated the transition from freedom to feeling overwhelmed can be an altering experience for a Mama even if she has had multiple children. Honouring the feelings and emotions as she navigates the new reality.

🦶Reflexology as a postnatal treatment helps the body to go back to a balanced state after labour. As I work intuitively with the energy of Mamas helping rebalance the hormones that assist with regulating moods, boosting energy levels as well as the immune system.

The acupressure along the feet and hands can also bring on relaxation, reducing tension, anxiety, reducing any swelling, assisting in milk production and supply, SLEEP support, and aid in Cesarean birth recovery.

Seeking medical/psychological support is also essential working through the postnatal period.

When you see a Mama please give her a smile and appreciate her as a goddess of fertility and love!

Happy to help those Mamas cope through the postnatal journey.

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