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Connecting and Enjoying Life More

Having the opportunity to wander Italy the past 10 days from large cities to the country.

Feeling the vibrations as we travelled , not good or bad just different. Unfolding for me a sense of coming home.

Exploring different cuisine, learning new traditions and meeting people has been such a pleasure . Most of all the enjoyment just hanging out with my family. Connecting and really enjoying the moments!

Despite the planning and rushing about I had the opportunity to just be!

Have you ever walked through a meadow where the grass was so high , being enveloped by the stillness? As we were walking quietly , picking the wild flowers with my two kids, one of them exclaimed how they could smell the scent of the earth .

An awareness came over me an understanding with Mother Earth, Father Sky and my divine self. It does not matter if you travel to the ends of the earth perspective and awareness is everything!

I am so grateful and blessed taking a journey outside a daily routine. Changing patterns and influencing behaviours bringing a new view to enjoy life more!

Take the oppprtunity to enjoy life no matter your circumstances! Give yourself permission !

Don't wait for the many tomorrows.

Sending Angel blessings to all!

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